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You just log onto the site www.riadmarrakech117.com RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 Company.

You should carefully read the provisions that follow as they establish the terms and conditions of booking online RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 Company.

The "click" you run after you complete your booking voucher is the confirmation of your order and irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In effect, you can book your stay at Riad Kasbah 117 MARRAKECH if you accept the conditions set out below.

1 Introduction

The following general terms of sale govern all transactions made ​​on the website RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117. Any order / booking made ​​on this website assumes the client's unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.

2 Subject

This contract is a distance contract that defines the rights and obligations of the parties under the réservaion a stay at Riad Kasbah 117 MARRAKECH, on the Internet, through the platform of payment is to secure Telecommerce Morocco.

www.riadmarrakech117.com a service mark and trademark of RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 SA

Morocco Telecommerce is a service transaction management and a registered trademark of Morocco Telecommerce SA

3. Definitions

In the remainder of the contract, each of the above expressions shall have the meaning of the definition, namely:
"Distance contract" means any contract concerning a booking room (s) between the Company Kasbah 117 RIAD MARRAKECH and consumers in the context of a sales or provision of services remotely organized by the Society Riad Kasbah 117 MARRAKECH which for this contract, makes exclusive use of the Internet to the contract, including the contract itself.
"Consumer" means any natural person who, in this agreement, is acting for purposes which are outside the scope of his business.
"Order" document that shows the characteristics of stay ordered by the Consumer and to be signed by him "double click" to engage.
"Order" means the act whereby the Customer agrees to pay its reservations and Riad Kasbah Company MARRAKECH 117 to insure.

4. Living

All holidays sold are marketed www.riadmarrakech117.com subject to availability.

The company RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 reserves the right to remove from its website a stay, or the availability of rooms, and without notice. It can in no way be liable to compensate or cancel orders due to the inability to book for a purpose incompatible with the dates of availability of the buyer.
5 Book a stay online

After finding visit dates you want, click the 'book now' button, the reservation is then added to your booking voucher.
You can at any time change your voucher and you can return to the choice of rooms or holiday dates, pressing "BACK" or "CHANGE MY DATES OF STAY."

When you have completed your booking, submit your order by clicking the button '' Pay '.

If an error on your part, when you entered on the order form, we recommend you contact us within 24 hours of a request for cancellation by e-mail. After cancellation of the booking by RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117, you can book again.
6 Price

The prices listed in the catalog are in Euros including taxes are valid at the time of consultation by the client and are those in effect at the time of ordering.

VAT is calculated in the order based on the applicable date of the order rate. The order is in euros. The transactions are in Moroccan DH at the rate of exchange prevailing at the date of the order.

Any rate change will be reflected in the price of booking.

7. Execute the command

The order will be executed no later than within seven days from the day following that on which the Consumer has placed his order.

If unavailable, the Customer will be informed at the earliest and will be able to cancel the order.

He will then have the option of requesting either a refund of amounts paid within thirty days after their payment, or the modification of its dates.

8. Delivery

Delivery is not guaranteed by RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117.

The Customer may, at its request, be sending an invoice to the address on request.

9. Payment

To pay for your reservation online by credit card, you choose the payment method from those proposed by RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 level a reservation:

· For card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, cmi, Maestro, Diners Club and Discover).

In this case, the delivery of the transaction to debit your account is done in the day following the date of delivery confirmation.

Your payments are secured by Morocco Telecommerce that offers a fully secure payment service.

The Consumer guarantees RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 it has the required permission to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of the Order Company. The provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the payment provided for in the agreements between the Customer and the issuer of the card between the Riad Kasbah 117 MARRAKECH Company and its bank apply.

10. Data Privacy

The information requested is necessary to process your order and are treated confidentially. You have a right of correction on data. You may be required to receive advertisements from RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 unless you stipulate mail you refuse to use your personal data for their purposes.

11. Cancellation of a booking

Any reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 30% of the total price of the reservation made ​​by credit card on the www.riadmarrakech117.com site. The balance will be paid upon arrival in the riad, in addition to any options such as half board.

Cancellation policy:

J - 1 AND NO-SHOW (any client who did not arrive before 7:00 the next day following the morning arrival) 100% OF STAY
J - 2 In D - 7: 70% OF STAY
J - 8 TO J - 15: 50% OF STAY
J - J At 16 - 30: 30% OF STAY
J - 31: 30% OF STAY.

As of the date of confirmation of the reservation, you have a period of seven days to exercise your right of withdrawal, and be fully refunded.

12. Proof of transactions paid by credit card

The data recorded by Morocco Telecommerce SA platform CMI on behalf of Riad Kasbah 117 MARRAKECH constitute proof of all commercial transactions between you and the company RIAD MARRAKECH Kasbah 117 ..

13. Force Majeure

MARRAKECH RIAD Kasbah 117 is required for the performance of its obligations to the extent that any event of force majeure comes hinder them.

Riad Kasbah 117
117 Derb Kebala, kasbah,
40000 Marrakech medina
+33 (0)6 80 73 87 94

Marrakech Riad Kasbah 117 welcomes you for your holidays in Marrakech with family or friends, just steps from the Jemaa el Fna square. Nestled in the medina of Marrakech, Riad Marrakech Kasbah 117 promises a relaxed and de-stressing stay in Morocco.

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